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How to Get Rid Head of Lice

Posted on Thursday, August 11th, 2011 by Barbara.

Look up how to get rid of head lice on the internet and you will come up with many possible answers. But how do you know which method will work and what is folklore?

To get rid of head lice you first need to understand the life cycle of the common head louse. When a bug lays a nit (louse egg) in someone’s hair, it will take 7-10 days to hatch. It will take another 7-10 days for that nymph (baby louse) to become
an adult. Each bug can lay up to 6 eggs a day. In order to get rid of head lice you must kill or remove all of the bugs but it is equally important to remove all of the eggs so they don’t hatch new bugs and start the infestation all over again.

Now, as far as treatment options go, there are many ‘home remedies’ you may have heard of such as applying mayonnaise or olive oil to the hair and leaving it on for several hours. This type of process is intended to suffocate lice. The suffocation method is unreliable (not to mention messy) and although it may potentially kill some bugs, suffocation does not kill or remove nits. Ask your doctor how to get rid of head lice and he/she might offer a prescription lice treatment. You should be aware that there are potential health risks associated with these products. Ask your pharmacist how to get rid of head lice and he/she will probably direct you to an over-the-counter treatment product. In recent years, lice have developed a resistance to many of these products. In addition to not killing all of the bugs, they do not get rid of nits and pose certain health risks as well.

As a head lice removal specialist at The Lice Connection in New York, I have seen clients who have tried all of the above treatment options and have been unsuccessful. So in answer to the question of how to get rid of head lice there are two other options that will work that are safe for your family’s health. One is to hire a professional service (which I strongly recommend for obvious reasons) and the other is to do all the work yourself.

Now, doing this yourself will require purchasing a non-toxic treatment product (there are many available on-line and in some more health conscious stores) and most importantly a good metal nit comb (there’s one available on our website). As I mentioned earlier, you must get rid of all of the nits as well as the bugs. Combing and inspection are the key to lice and nit removal. You should be prepared to comb and inspect the hair everyday for three weeks to be sure you have gotten every louse and nit. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts here. It is a tedious and time consuming job.

The other option that is sure to work is to hire a professional lice removal service. They can check your whole family for lice and treat as needed. A lice removal specialist can come to your home and use natural products and professional tools to remove all the lice and nits in a few hours. Your family will be able to return to school/work the next day. Look to hire someone who will educate you on lice removal and explain what you can do to prevent re-infestation. Ask a lice removal specialist how to get rid of head lice and he/she will tell you that hiring a professional service will ensure that the lice are gone for good. It will save you time, money and lots of frustration while giving you peace of mind.

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