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Share and Share A Lice?

Posted on Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 by Barbara.

Share and Share Alike…this common term means ‘to encourage everyone to have an equal amount of something’. But when put in the context of a head lice infestation it ‘s more like Share and Share A Lice, because that’s exactly what happens when a lice infested person shares a brush, comb or, especially at this time of year, a softball/baseball helmet.  I remember a few years ago, the head of a local girls’ softball league contacted me to ask if it was possible that sharing helmets could aid in the spread of head lice. He was not happy when I told him, ”Absolutely!”  Turned out the entire team had contracted head lice.  After that incident, they made it a league rule that every player had to have their own helmet.

Head lice are most commonly passed from person to person through head-to-head contact. The second most common way to spread lice is by sharing personal items such as brushes, combs and, yes, helmets too.  Head lice do not jump or fly but can stay on a hair left behind in a helmet, or crawl on the spongy helmet inserts. The good news is that if there are any lice in the helmet, they will die within 24 hours without a food source (your child’s scalp). To be sure there are no lice left in the helmet, remove any stray hairs (use a sticky lint roller or vacuum) and wipe down the helmet with rubbing alcohol.

So when it comes to softball/baseball season, unless you’re game for a head lice infestation, make sure your child has her/his own helmet.

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