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The Buzz on Buzz Cuts – Not the Best Lice Treatment

Posted on Monday, April 2nd, 2012 by Barbara.

Many parent’s first instinct is to shave their son’s head when they find out he has head lice. Some even contemplate doing it to their daughters!  This is not the best lice treatment for a number of reasons.

If you do shave their head it would literally have to be bald to ensure no nits are left.  No crew cuts here.  It has to be down to the scalp.  Anything up to ¼ inch could still have nits on it. A buzz cut makes it hard to separate the hair to search for nits and to grab them to pull them out because the hair on top of the head sticks straight up like needles and the hair on the sides and back of the head are like tiny needles attached flat against the scalp. In addition, using a nit comb is key in head lice removal, but with hair that short, the nit comb has nothing to grab onto.

Although shorter hair, yes even a buzz cut, is great for head lice prevention. The truth is, longer hair on boys is easier to treat.



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